Magnus Carlsen Fan Mail Address

Magnus Carlsen Fan Mail Address:

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Biography of Magnus Carlsen

Hello, friends! Are you a follower of Magnus Carlsen? Do you want to know about his personal or professional life? If yes, so you came to the right place. We have also shared his fan mail address above. This article will give you all the required information about Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen was born on 30 November 1990. According to this, he is of 31 years now. He was born in Tonsberg, Norway. He is the son of Sigrun Oen and Henrik Albert Carlsen. His full name is Sven Magnus Oen Carlsen. For his profession, he is well-known as Magnus Carlsen among his fans. If we talk about his nationality, so he is Norwegian.
If we talk about his profession, he is a Norwegian Chess Grandmaster. He won three times in World Rapid Chess Championship and five times in World Blitz Chess Championship. Since July 2011, he has held first in FIDE World Chess Rankings. His peak rating is the highest in history as of 2882. When he was just fifteen years, he won the Norwegian Chess Championship. His father is a chemical engineer and IT Consultant. He identifies himself as a social demonstrate and a vegetarian, as his two sisters are vegetarians. He also has a particular type of interest in playing football. On a fantasy premier league game, he reached the No.1 Spot ahead of seven million other players.

IN THE END:- In this short article, you have learned about the biography and fan mail address of the great personality, Magnus Carlsen.

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