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REAL NAME: Rose Ellen Dix
NICKNAME: Rose Ellen Dix
DOB: June 15, 1988
SPOUSE / HUSBAND:  Rosie Spaughton

Fan mail address:

Rose Ellen Dix


Rose Ellen Dix Bio

Rose Ellen Dix is a popular YouTuber, comedian, and entertainer from the United Kingdom. She is also active on other social media platforms. Together with her wife, Roseanne Elizabeth “Rosie” Spaughton, she manages the hugely successful YouTube channel known as “Rose and Rosie.” Rose, who grew up in the county of Herefordshire, launched her self-titled YouTube channel in June 2010 as part of an assignment for her college course. The first video was released to her channel in September.

She was required to create a viral video for her film class, so she decided to make a parody of Kesha’s song “Tik Tok.” She submitted the video in January 2011, and it received over 16,000 views in just five days. In December of 2011, Rosie made her debut on the channel in a video that was named “Baffle Leffler Raffle Breakup.” Their first work together was published in the month of January 2012. In 2014, Rose decided to pursue a career as a full-time YouTuber and quit her work at an Apple Store in Worcester.

After Rosie became fully involved with the channel at some point in time, they decided to modify the name of the channel to what it is today. The majority of their videos are comprised of something that is referred to as “couch humor.” In addition to that, they produce gameplay, tag, guide, and challenge videos. The duo also maintains two more channels, one dedicated to vlogging and titled “Rose and Rosie Vlogs,” and the other dedicated to gaming videos and titled “Let’s Play Games.”

Rose launched the first version of her self-titled channel on June 20, 2010, for the purpose of a school assignment. On September 30th, she uploaded the first video to her channel, which was named “Rose Dix chats Lisa Skintag.” At the time when she was attending Hereford College of Arts to earn her film degree, she was tasked with producing a video with the potential to go viral. Because of this, she decided to produce a spoof of Kesha’s video for the song “Tik Tok” and upload it to her channel. Within the first week, the video was viewed more than 16,00 times.

In November 2011, Rosie started her own channel on YouTube called ‘TheRoxetera,’ which is when she started using YouTube. On December 18, 2011, she made her first appearance online in a video uploaded to Rose’s channel titled “Baffle Leffler Raffle Breakup.” On January 15, 2012, their first joint effort was uploaded to Rose’s channel and posted there. In 2014, Rose decided to pursue her dream of being a YouTuber full-time and gave up her work at the Apple Store in Worcester. Her YouTube channel used to be called “Rose Ellen Dix,” but she eventually changed the name to “Rose and Rosie.”

After they made the decision to publish their vlog content on Rosie’s personal channel, they also changed the name of the channel. They changed the name of the channel to “Rose and Rosie Vlogs” and began uploading vlogs as well as other different series, such as their annual VLOGMAS videos, the #RealTalk series, and the BISEXY SERIES. In the films that were part of the series entitled #RealTalk, Rose and Rosie had a conversation about real-life issues and circumstances, and they used their own experiences to offer guidance to the people who watched the videos.

They upload content that is commonly referred to as “couch comedy” on their primary channel. Additionally, they produce videos for challenges, tags, guides, and gameplay. They have worked along with popular YouTube creators such as Hannah Witton, Hannah Hart, Shannon Beveridge, Cammie Scott, Amy Rodman, and Oli White during the course of their history. On April 29, 2016, Rose and Rosie created a website called “Let’s Play Games.”

They have set it aside exclusively for the creation of videos for games such as Until Dawn, Grand Theft Auto 5, FIFA, and The Sims 4. The married couple has acquired close to 900 thousand members on their primary channel, while on their vlogging channel, they have gathered close to half a million subscribers. Additionally, their gaming channel has close to 200,000 people subscribed to it.

Maltese is Rose’s alter persona, and she presents herself in films such as “This Is Just Ridiculous” and “Supervises Part 3” as an aristocratic character who claims to be of Canadian and Rhode Island nobility. Rose came up with the moniker Maltese for this character. The duo has been featured on the reality series ‘Stupid Man, Smart Phone’ broadcast on BBC 3, as well as the series ‘The Internet Takeover’ broadcast on BBC Radio 1. (2016). In June of 2016, they were given the opportunity to have an interview with Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig, who were doing publicity for their movie “Ghostbusters.”

Fans are referred to as “Boobies” by Rose and Rosie. Overshare: Love, Laughs, Sexuality, and Secrets was the title of the book that the pair published together and it was released on October 4, 2018. Later on same day, they announced that they are also going to be releasing their documentary, which has the working title of “Overshare,” and it will have footage of their audience.

Rose and Rosie have received a number of awards, including the After Ellen Visibility Award for Favorite Real Life Lesbian Couple in 2015, the British LGBT Award for LGBT Celebrity Rising Star in 2016, and the DIVA Award for Entertainment Personality in 2017. Rose and Rosie have garnered much praise for their “positive content and open dialogue around LGBT issues,” and they have also received a number of awards.

Rose was born on June 15th, 1988 in Ross-on-Wye, which is located in the county of Herefordshire, United Kingdom. Her education came from Hereford College of Arts, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Film and Screen Media. At a Halloween party in 2007, the two of them had their first encounter with one another. They were both seeing other people at the time, but each with a separate partner. On October 20, 2011, they went on their first date since the conclusion of their relationship with each other. It was on May 30, 2014, when she and Rosie announced their engagement. On March 20, 2015, they held their wedding ceremony at Clear ell Castle in England and exchanged their vows.

Multiple times over their channels, the pair has addressed the topic of their intentions to begin a family soon. Rosie is a bisexual whereas her friend Rose is a lesbian. They announced their decision on April 13, 2019, to use Aughton, which is a blend of both of their previous surnames, as their new last name together after being married. They currently make their home in Hertford, which is located in England.

She is a YouTube phenomenon with over one million subscribers, and she works on her channel RoseEllenDix alongside her wife, Roseanne Spaughton. After some time, they became well-known due to their joint channel, Rose and Rosie, on which they broadcast improvised comedic sketches every week. In addition to that, she and her wife have made available on Spotify the first two seasons of their Parental Guidance podcast. On September 30, 2010, she made her debut with the video “Rose Dix discusses Lisa Skin tag,” which she published on YouTube.

Her videos “Supervises!” and “Supervises Part 2” are by far her most-watched content on YouTube. On her Instagram page around the time of Halloween in 2021, she published an advertisement for a game called Witchcraft. In October 2011, she went on her first date with Roseanne, and three years later, in March 2015, they got married. On July 1, 2021, they became parents to a son whom they named Ziggy. Her films have included a wide variety of well-known Internet personalities and celebrities, such as Meghan Trainor, Oli White, Grace Helbing, and Hannah Hart, amongst others.

Content in the style of “couch comedy” can be found on the Rose and Rosie channel. Additionally, the channel features challenges, tags, guides, gaming videos, and collaborations with other YouTube creators such as Hannah Witton, Hannah Hart, Shannon Beveridge, Cammie Scott, Amy Rodman, and Oli White. Additionally, the couple has worked together on projects with Grace Helbing. There are vlogs and numerous series to be found on the Rose and Rosie Vlogs channel. Some examples of these series include the annual VLOGMAS videos, #RealTalk, and the BISEXY SERIES.

During their segment known as #RealTalk, Rose and Rosie make an effort to address real-life issues or circumstances and draw from their own experiences in order to offer viewers some words of wisdom. #RealTalk videos created by the duo include ones with titles like “How to Have a Good Relationship,” “Living with OCD,” and “Controlling Your Jealousy.” In the BISEXY SERIES, Rosie discusses the challenges and triumphs she has faced being a bisexual woman. This set of films has a number of different videos, some of which are titled “How Do You Know You’re Bisexual” and “Dealing With Biphobia & Homophobia.”

Every year, Rose and Rosie take part in Volga’s and make daily vlogs documenting the activities leading up to their Christmas party. The third channel that Rose and Rosie have dedicated to playing video games is called Let’s Play Titles. Some of the games they have played on this channel include “Until Dawn,” “GTA 5,” “FIFA,” and “The Sims.” Rose has established a fictitious persona known as Maltese, who has appeared in a number of videos under her direction, including “THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS,” “SUPER KISS PART 3,” and “Acting 101 with Maltese Van de Kamp.” Maltese is a pompous and pretentious figure that speaks with an accent and asserts that they are “Canadian/Rhode Island royalty.”

The duo was the hosts of the Holiday Window Unveiling that took place in Macy’s in Pittsburgh in November of 2014. Since then, they have made an appearance on the program The Internet Takeover, which airs on BBC Radio 1, including a Christmas special in 2016 alongside Ben Cook, Jim Chapman, and the hosts, Dan and Phil. Additionally, they have hosted shows for MTV. Rose and Rosie made an appearance in the second episode of Russel Kane’s Stupid Man, Smart Phone, which aired on BBC Three in May of 2016. The episode, which took place in November 2015 and focused on their struggles to stay alive in the harsh environment of Arctic Norway, was taped.

During a public relations blitz in Singapore that took place in June of 2016, Sony Pictures recruited Dix and Spaughton as two of 15 social media influencers to help promote Sony’s then-upcoming movies Inferno and Ghostbusters. The event took place in Singapore. Along with meeting Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, the two took part in a scavenger hunt and had an interview with Melissa McCarthy.

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Do you have a concern about how to send Rose Ellen Dix an autograph request? Please write a nice autograph request letter and attach a picture as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope. Don’t forget to use a piece of cardboard to write “DO NOT BEND” on an envelope. Please wait a few weeks or months for getting a reply from Rose Ellen Dix. Your signature request should be sent to the following address:

Fanmail Address

Rose Ellen Dix


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Do you wish to get in touch with a celebrity you applaud? One method to get your message through is to contact your favorite celebrity’s agency (publicist office). Rose Ellen Dix’s phone number is NA, and the Fax number is not available.

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2. Rose Ellen Dix Instagram: NA

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Phone number: NA
Email id: NA

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