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Brett Butler Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Brett Butler
NICKNAME: Brett Butler
DOB: 30 January 1958
BIRTHPLACE: Montgomery, Alabama, United States
BIRTH SIGN: Aquarius
FATHER: Roland Decatur Anderson Jr.
MOTHER: Carol Butler
SIBLINGS: Toren Anderson, Kristen Anderson, Tana Anderson, Katy Anderson

Fan mail address:

Brett Butler
United States

Brett Butler Bio

Brett Butler (born Brett Anderson) is an American actor, writer, and stand-up comedian who has appeared in a number of films and television shows. She starred as Grace in the comedy series Grace Under Fire, in which she also portrayed the title character. She received the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Female Performer in a New TV Series for her performance in the show. In 1993, she was also awarded the Q Award for Best Actress in a Quality Comedy Series for her performance in Grace Under Fire.

Anderson Brett Butler was born on January 30th, 1958, in Montgomery, Alabama, United States, and will be 62 years old in 2020. He was born in Montgomery, Alabama, United States. Her nationality is American, and she is born under the sign of the Aquarius.

She was married twice throughout her life. She was married to Charles Michael Wilson from 1978 to 1981, however, the marriage ended in divorce. Many people believe her marriage to Michael was abusive, therefore she chose to leave him after years of maltreatment, according to certain reports. It was in 1987 when she tied the knot with Ken Zieger. In 1999, the pair decided to split since things weren’t working out in their marriage.

Her income and net worth have not been made public at this time. She is a humble lady who does not like attracting attention to herself or her family by flashing her money in public. However, this area is still under evaluation, and we will notify you as soon as further information about her net worth becomes available.

In 1987, Butler made his first major television appearance on Dolly Parton’s ill-fated variety series, Dolly. Although she was retained as a writer to complete the season’s remaining episodes, her work was ultimately cut short after only one season due to low viewership figures.

In the ABC television series Grace Under Fire from 1993 to 1998, she starred as the title character. Throughout the course of the program, she struggled with recurrent drug addiction and spent time in treatment.She was fired from the program the following year, after the cancellation of the series by ABC, due to her unpredictable conduct, which was a result of her drug misuse. Butler’s autobiography, Knee Deep in Paradise, was released in 1996.

The book was written before Butler achieved superstar status, and it frankly discusses most of the time period covered, with the autobiography coming to a close before Butler’s first televised appearance on Grace Under Fire.

Butler was ultimately able to become sober in July of 1998. “I should not have survived 1998, to be honest,” she says, adding that she has not used drugs or drank alcohol since then. The road to recovery was very difficult, and the scars are still visible today. “People make apologies when they are sober,” she explains. “On top of that, my list was quite extensive. For instance, I contacted one individual, and she responded with, ‘Oh, you want to apologize? So don’t waste your time. I accept your apology.

I have something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time: you are nothing unique in comparison to the rest of the world. I could tell she’d been looking forward to telling me that for a long time. People usually go on drug-fueled killing rampages because they believe they are exceptional, I wanted to say out loud.

Brett Butler Phone Number

Butler relocated from Los Angeles to a farm in Georgia, where she resided with 15 dogs after the cancellation of Grace in 1998. A reporter chatted with her about her despair, previous drug addiction, television employment, and present farm life in 2008, when she was the featured performer at an art benefit in her hometown. She has also shown an interest in creating a sequel to her first work.

In 2011, she appeared on The Rosie Show, where she revealed that she had been clean since 1998. Aside from that, she was working on establishing a reality television program about her self-professed clairvoyant talents and performing at the Downtown Comedy Club in Los Angeles in an effort to make a comeback.

The Young and the Restless, on which she starred in a recurring role as ex-psychiatrist Tim Reid’s lover in 2012, was another of her television appearances in 2012. She also had a recurrent part as the bartender at the restaurant that Charlie Goodson frequented in the FX drama Anger Management, which starred Charlie Sheen and was produced by the same company.

A home in Los Angeles, California (CA), United States, belonged to Brett Butler, who is best known for his portrayal as the lead character in the comedy series “Grace Under Fire.” She stayed in this house till 2008. The property in question was a three-bedroom house that sold for precisely $2,000,000 after being on the market for $2,347,000 days before that.

Her income and net worth have not been made public at this time. She is a humble lady who does not like attracting attention to herself or her family by flashing her money in public. However, this area is still under evaluation, and we will notify you as soon as further information about her net worth becomes available.

She went to treatment for painkiller addiction in 1993, only a few months before the last season of Grace Under Fire aired. Brett relocated to a farm she had purchased in her home state of Georgia in 2007, where she was able to lose most of the 100 pounds she had acquired. She lost her farm as a result of bankruptcy, and she was also poor and homeless for a period of time.

Butler has experienced adversity in the past. When she was discovered performing stand-up in New York City during the mid-1980s, she had already overcome alcoholism and abusive marriage — the result of a self-fulfilling cycle of violence, as her father was also an abusive alcoholic — and was on her way to becoming a successful stand-up comedian.

Later, the demands of appearing in the successful Chuck Lorre comedy Grace, which was mostly modeled on Butler’s actual life (with the exception of the parenting aspect, for which Butler never had children), resulted in Butler developing a dependency on Vicodin. (She became addicted to the painkiller after it was provided to her for sciatica treatment.)

The actress said that she became an unstable nightmare on set as a result of her drug consumption, leading to the departure of many co-stars and the show’s discontinuation in its fifth season, after only 14 of a planned 25 episodes had been completed.

Within a few years, Butler had left Hollywood and relocated to Georgia, where she purchased a bucolic property she had seen on the internet. That, too, came to a disastrous conclusion. She lost her farm as a result of her inability to keep up with mortgage payments. Contrary to what was said in an Entertainment Tonight piece that aired in 2011, she never resided “in a homeless shelter,” as was implied in the segment.

She maintains that she has always had a roof over her head and that an ET producer, who compensated her for the appearance, manufactured the homelessness aspect in order to get more viewers for the show. “I have absolutely no clue why she did it,” Butler adds. “However, once it gets out there, it simply seems to spread everywhere.”

She believes Charlie Sheen saved her life in 2012, and she is grateful to him. The two had known one other since their time together on Grace Under Fire. Butler claims that Sheen campaigned hard to secure her a role as a cocktail waitress on his comedy Anger Management, which she believes was done against the producers’ desires. She ended up appearing on the program for a total of two seasons. According to her, “If it hadn’t been for Charlie, there’s no way I would have been on that program.” “It was absolutely a lifesaver for me.”

Butler needed a lot of persuading before she agreed to participate in a crowdfunding effort — not just as a matter of personal pride, but also out of concern for the gratification it might bring to the enemies she’d acquired along the road. In response to Strickler’s prodding, she adds, “He persuaded me into it.” In his words, “you can’t live your life on the basis of being terrified of what others will do to you.”

Butler was involved in the production of 112 episodes of Grace Under Fire. Only around 80 of them are remembered by her, and she can’t bring herself to watch any of them – not even the highly regarded early seasons, when she was still clean and at the height of her game. “I make an effort not to think about yesterday,” she adds. “I believe the last time I saw anything I did that was old was my very first Tonight Show appearance,” she says.

Butler appeared on the show, which aired on May 14, 1987, with curly brown hair instead of her usual blond. Butler was a breakout sensation at the time. It was her “redneck” ex-husband and living as a woman in the Deep South that inspired her to make light of the situation: “We all lost our beloved virtue in the back of a pickup truck hanging on to a gun rack staring at a picture of a deer feeding from a stream.” “Wonderful stuff,” Johnny Carson said when the five-minute performance ended. When you see someone fresh come out and be so amusing, it’s always a delight.”

In the following months, Butler who had been a student at the University of Georgia before dropping out to pursue comedy full-time — appeared on television “once a month,” according to Butler. “I was that one-of-a-kind thing — the Southern girl who speaks in hushed tones.” That same year, she won a writing position on Dolly Parton’s ABC variety program, which ran for one season but was canceled after that.

In the meanwhile, another working-class female comic was gaining attention in the entertainment industry. “I remember the first time I heard Roseanne [Barr],” recalls Butler, who was by then in her second marriage, to Ken Zieger, a contract lawyer, and composer. “I remember the first time I heard Roseanne,” she adds (they divorced in 1999). “I was in another room brushing my teeth when I heard her on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Afterward, I walked into the living room and informed my husband, ‘She just knocked on the door for me.’

Butler relocated to Los Angeles in 1992 after being asked by Tom Werner and Marcy Carsey, the creators of the hit sitcom Roseanne, to appear in her own comedy series. According to the Roseanne template, Grace Under Fire would look something like this: Both shows were recorded on the same CBS property in Studio City, and both were shown on ABC at the same time. Butler, on the other hand, went farther than Barr, who, according to Butler, was “always supportive of me,” by finding humor in the most difficult situations in life.

“I’ll never forget the experience of filming the pilot in front of a live audience,” she says. ‘And one of the jokes was about domestic violence: ‘My husband was cleaning his fist when it went off.'” “When they laughed, it solved the question of whether or not this would fly.”

It flew till it couldn’t anymore. Lorre, the show’s creator, and Butler were at odds from the beginning, sparring over minor details such as whether Grace should be seen toilet training her youngest kid (Butler felt she should not and refused to shoot the scene). During a 1995 interview with Playboy, Lorre said that she intended the film to be “a love letter to all the single, working parents out there.” In the end, he came to the conclusion that “life is too short” and opted to leave the program after the first season. The irritated and dejected man lamented, “It should have been a celebration.”

Despite this, the program struck a chord with fans. Grace, which premiered in the primetime slot immediately after Home Improvement, was the highest-rated new series on television in its first season and the sixth most-watched program of the 1993-94 season. Butler’s play was a hit with the critics, who praised her for “wielding her Southern drawl like a deadly stiletto,” as The New York Times put it in its review of the evening. The next year, the program ascended to No. 4 on the list.

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Fanmail Address

(Post Office Box)
Brett Butler
United States

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Phone number: NA
Email id: NA

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